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Preparing For Upright Piano Moving

An upright piano weighs between 300-800 pounds, making it a heavy, time-consuming project to move. It requires Piano Movers North Charleston SC team of at least four people to lift it and work together. The first step is acquiring the right equipment for the job. Then, map out the piano’s moving route and measure doorways, staircases, and hallways to ensure the instrument fits.

Prepare Beforehand


When it comes to piano moving, preparation is key. You will need to protect the instrument with blankets or padding and ensure that the pathway is clear of obstacles. It would help if you also had a clear strategy of moving the piano, including all the steps needed to get it from room to room and into the truck. This will save time and effort, as well as safeguard the instrument.

Before moving day arrives, make sure the piano is empty and that there are no items left on it such as photo frames, books, or candles. These items can fall off during the move and damage the piano or hurt movers. It’s best to hire a professional moving company for this task. They will have experience and the proper equipment to safely and efficiently transport a piano.

If you decide to take on this task yourself, make sure you have four helpers, heavy-duty straps, a furniture dolly, and a vehicle large enough to accommodate the piano. You will need to measure all doorways, hallways, and staircases to assess whether the piano will fit through them and determine the best route. You may need to remove the hinges on some doors or disassemble the piano to get it through narrow spaces.

It is a good idea to wear sturdy shoes with gripping soles and not slippers, as this will help you maintain control during the move. You should also avoid wearing long necklaces or bracelets and excessively baggy clothes that might get stuck in tight spaces during the move. Also, keep pets and children out of the way to prevent them from getting in the movers’ way.

Hire a Moving Company

You should never attempt to move a piano without the help of professionals. It is an incredibly difficult task that can result in back injuries, bruised egos, and costly damages. Instead of putting your friends and family at risk, it is best to call on a team of experienced piano movers. This is the safest way to transport your piano from one home to another and will allow you to save money in the long run.

A quality piano moving company will offer you competitive rates and a variety of services that are designed to meet your specific needs. They will also provide you with the proper equipment and tools for the job. To help make the process as smooth as possible, they will also give you tips and tricks that can save you time and effort.

When you’re ready to begin the move, be sure to measure doorways and staircases to ensure that your piano will fit. You may need to remove the hinges from some doors to accommodate the piano’s bulk. It is also a good idea to map out your route beforehand. This will give you an idea of how long the move will take and whether or not you will need to reserve a truck rental.

A standard upright piano weighs between 600 and 800 pounds, so it will require a team of two or more movers to maneuver it. When lifting the instrument, have one person on each end start from a squatting position to avoid back strain. They should then perform a “1-2-3” count before lifting the piano high enough to place it squarely centered onto the dolly.

Get the Right Equipment

If you decide to move the piano yourself, start by purchasing the right equipment. This includes a specialized piano dolly that will transfer the weight of the instrument onto its wheels and protect the flooring from damage. This dolly should have four large wheels and a flat surface for the piano to rest on. It should also have a platform attached to the back of it where you can attach a hand truck or furniture dolly to help transport it.

It is also a good idea to have moving blankets and padding ready for use. These will be used to protect the exterior of the piano as well as any walls along your route. This will prevent the piano from rubbing against a wall and causing a scratch. You should also consider buying a set of moving straps to assist with lifting the piano. These should be long enough to provide support for each corner of the piano.

When it comes to the actual move, enlist the assistance of as many people as possible. A minimum of four people should be involved, but this number could grow depending on the size and complexity of your move. Look for strong family members, friends, and neighbors who have experience lifting heavy items. Make sure they are all wearing proper clothing and shoes with a good grip.

It is important to keep in mind that a typical upright piano will weigh between 800-900 pounds and full concert grand pianos, like those you would find on a stage, will be around 1000- 1200 pounds. This is a lot of force to be attempting to lift and carry without the right equipment or help.

Plan Your Route

Upright pianos are heavy – full-sized semi-concert grands that you would see on stage can weigh up to 1200 pounds. This is a lot of force that you don’t want to put on yourself or damage your home by trying to move it without a proper plan. Take the time to walk the path that the piano will have to take from its room to your truck rental or vice versa. You’ll also want to measure doorways and staircases to ensure the piano will be able to fit through. You might have to open and remove doors or move furniture out of the way to create a clear pathway for the piano.

On moving day, be sure to assemble a team of helpers who are in good physical condition and can handle the weight of the piano. You’ll need at least four people to move it safely. Choose people who have experience lifting heavy objects and wear work shoes with good traction. You’ll also want to make sure that the piano has a sturdy ramp that can be secured to the cargo van.

Once you have your team and the right equipment, it’s time to begin the process of moving the piano. Use a specialized piano dolly to transport the instrument from its location to your truck. Once you have the piano in the truck, be sure to secure it with ratchet tie downs and place furniture pads between the piano and the truck.

Once the piano is in its new home, let it settle for a week or so. This will allow it to adjust to the new environment and avoid any issues like out-of-tune or slanted sounds.

Clear the Path

You should clear any furniture that could get in the way of moving your piano. This will make things easier on your movers and prevent the piano from being bumped into during the move. You should also ensure that all doors are open so the piano can maneuver through them. Additionally, you should choose a good time to move your piano. This is important because any changes in movement and temperature can cause your piano’s inner mechanics to shift and detune.

Even if your upright piano has wheels or moving casters, you should not rely on them to carry it over long distances. They are not designed to withstand the weight of an upright piano and they can get stuck under it or tip over.

The best thing to do is ask for help from family members or friends who are strong and have experience lifting heavy objects. You should have at least three people on the team, but four is better. One person will be able to support the back of the piano while the other two will be able to lift it from the front. This will prevent the piano from becoming damaged or being dropped.

If you are planning on taking the piano up a set of stairs, it is best to leave this to the professionals. A professional will have a special ramp that they can use to roll the piano up the staircase. This will eliminate the need to lift it, which can be dangerous for your movers.

It is also essential to measure any spaces, doorways, and hallways that the piano will need to go through. This will give you a better idea of whether or not the piano will fit through the space.